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Why Start A Turnkey Adult Site Business With Niche Specific Content

First of all at turnkey adult business insider we partner with niche specific content companies in order to professionally design our top-notch money making Turnkey Web Sites. Niche specific content is where the money is in the adult Website Business. Years ago mega sites offered you a tremendous money making opportunity but their heyday is over and the cash has dried up for mega sites. Niche Adult Turnkey Website content converts much better than any mega site content can. The concept here is that the people online searching for micro content such as deep ass creampies or ladyboys fucking guys want to see just that. They are not interested in lesbian or blonde haired blue eyed girls, they want deep ass creampies or ladyboys.

Adult Turnkey Websites Need To Be Niche Specific Sites With A Common Niche Theme
With many of our competitors,Your opportunity to make a good penny is diminished because their turnkey websites have a specific category index page advertising a particular niche market such as ladyboys but if you get suckered into signing up you see that this so called great turnkey adult website opportunity has approximately 10 different different markets of content and only one of them is what the customer is looking for. Why would you stay with this turnkey website? You wouldn't. You would more than likely cancel ASAP or even charge back. Again these competitors provide you with a business opportunity that will not deliver what is promised. With niche specific turnkey websites the customer gets just what he or she asked for when they signed up. Nothing but ladyboy or deep ass creampie content. Shouldn't you get exactly what you paid for? Maybe we are incorrect on this but our revenue in the last 5 years shows we are absolutely correct.

Adult Turnkey Affiliate Programs Need To Be Niche Specific
At TKI Turnkey Adult Business Opportunities,we try and match the affiliate programs with the micro market that your turnkey site is in. For example, if you Start An Adult Turnkey Website Business such as lesbian we try and match the 4 affiliate programs for your site using the lesbian option of them. In the rare case we cannot, we do our best to come very close. This offers the surfer more revenue streams in the same market. No one else in our turnkey design industry seems to do this and we don't know why. Usually the problem is the competitors buy content instead of partnering with the content companies. This might sound like a good idea but please read on. You will be glad you did.

Adult Website Content Needs To Be Updated Frequently To Make Good Money
When these competitors of ours buy their mega site content they become slaves to the content and you do also. They buy content which is usually old and inexpensive and they place it on every turnkey website they sell. Do you really think people will signup and stay on a Turnkey Website that offers old content that is not updated often? Of course not. For every turnkey website they design for you they use the same content that is old, poor quality and is rarely updated. Do you really think these companies have an incentive to buy more content to constantly update your websites? Please!! In their business model they lose money by buying more content and updating your websites. Remember these turn key companies make all their money upfront by selling you a high priced cheap website, hitting you up for hosting fees in your first year, selling you expensive search engine submission services and also try to sell you cheap traffic and banner exchange services that have never worked in all the years we have been in business.

Most Mega Sites Are Horrible Financial Investments
The Worst Remember the turn-key websites they sell you are called mega sites. Mega sites have not made good money in a long-time and never will again. There is no opportunity to make money with these mega sites there is just the guarantee of you losing your hard earned money. This is a GUARANTEE. The money and therefore the greatest turnkey business opportunity is in the micro specific markets, just read all the articles on the Internet. Be an educated consumer. Do your homework. Start Your Own Adult Turnkey Website Business with TKI Turnkey Design. How could you not take advantage of this Highly Profitable Turnkey Website Opportunity?

Niche Websites VS Mega Sites Return On Investment Comparison
Please take a look at this very simple comparison. This is not some crazy promise of millions of income from Niche Specific Websites. This is a conservative comparison to show you the power of niche specific content sites. Because of their high definition quality niche content, complete content management and constant updates, our sites offer you the best opportunity in the business to rebill (keep people on the turnkey website conservatively for at least the 2nd month) compared to megasites which just do not usually rebill unless the person dies and does not have the opportunity to cancel the turnkey website membership.

This simple comparison of mega sites to micro niche specific turnkey sites is based on 1 signup per day on average for a 5-year period for mega sites and 2 signups per day plus ½ of these signups which should rebill for at least 1 month on average for a 5-year period for niche specific turn key websites. Note: These numbers should be taken as conservative numbers.

Why more signups on average for micro specific content sites? Every study shows that niche specific sites convert much better than mega sites and if you show a 5-year period it becomes very obvious which will put more money in your pocket over the long-term. Note we conservatively have Only ½ of the signups for Niche Reality Sites rebilling (meaning ½ of the signups will stay through the next month). Mega sites just do not rebill at all. Remember we are in this for the long-term and we hope you are too. Why Start An Adult Turnkey Business with micro specific content? Numbers do not lie, people do.




1 Signup Per Day Based On A 5-Year Average. Note: Most signups will occur between year 3 through 5.

365 signups a year x 5 years = 1825 signups x $20 per signup to you = $36,500.00 5 year revenue

$36,500.00 / 5 = Only $7,300.00 revenue per year with Mega sites


2 Signups Per Day Based On A 5-Year Average. Once more the majority of signups will come between your 3rd through 5th years in your turnkey website business.

365 x 2 per day = 730 signups per year + a 50% rebill rate (meaning half of the signups will stay on your site for another month which provides you with 365 more signups.)

Note: This 50% rebill rate for 1 month will not happen with mega sites for all research shows this.

1095 signups per year x 5 years = 5475 total signups x $20 per signup = $109,500.00

$109,500.00 total revenue over 5 years. 109,500 / 5 years = $21,900.00 per year

Please note for some will make more than these conservative numbers and some will make less. It is totally up to you.

The numbers speak for themselves. Remember the total 5 year revenue comparison is:

Mega Sites = $36,500.00 total for 5 year period
Micro Specific Content Sites = $109,500.00 total for 5 year period

Mega Sites: $7,300.00 per year revenue on average
Niche: $21,900.00 per year revenue on average (3 times Mega Sites)


Most of us just look at revenue and not at cost. Keeping costs and risk down is huge when venturing into a new business endeavor. You should also take into account that the average cost of a mega site for a 5-year period should be at least $4,000 and that is being kind. Specific Content Sites total cost is less than $1,000.00 for the entire 5-year period.

Remember we are the Low Risk And Low Cost option

.PLEASE NOTE: These 5 year numbers do not include the other revenue streams that come with the purchase of any Custom Business Turnkey Site. These programs and their payouts are as follows:

Imlive Pays up to $150 per signup. How many signups can you get monthly?
AdultFriendFinder Pays up to $120 per signup. Pretty amazing if you get just a few!!
MovieProfits Pays
up to $50 per signup or 60% for the life of the account. Not Bad!!
Jennasloveshop Pays up to 55% of each sale. Do you know a higher paying toy store?

Do you think you can get at least 1 signup or 1 purchase per month on average for a 5-year period from these adult affiliate marketing companies? Please do the math. It can be scary!! The long-term potential is tremendous but it is what you make of it. Some will make more and some will make less. It is totally up to you.

Clearly The Money Is In The Micro Niche Content Markets
I don't think it could be more obvious to you, which is the better way to go. The day of the mega site is over. Everything needs to be micro niche specific or you will not make money. If you still need some convincing just contact us.

Remember what we are talking about today is just one Micro Niche Site. If you can come close to these numbers over a 5-year period with 1 site why can't you do the same with 5 Sites? You should be able to.

Please Educate Yourself On This Industry Before Investing Your Hard-Earned Money
When starting your own turnkey site business, please educate yourself on the industry. We desire to work with educated consumers who have done their homework. This will pay off in the long run and we plan on being in this business forever. You should be too. How To Start An Adult Site Business is a question we get all the time. This industry for most people is very foreign and we advise you to do as much research on the industry as possible. At TKI we advise everyone to shop around and do your homework.

If the promises our competitors offer you are too good to be true, run like hell. How are you going to make $2,000 in your first month in business? If this could happen we would buy all their sites and sit back and just collect money. Think of it, why would they sell you sites for a few bucks if they could make 2 thousand dollars per site on their own in the first month? Give us a call for the reality of the this foreign but highly profitable business. If you have a long-term outlook in business, please give us a call. If you believe in overnight success please sign up with our competitors. Some people will be buy into these crazy promises of tremendous wealth and I hope you are not one of them.

We Will Gladly Provide All Competitors Names For Investment Comparison
At TKI we are so confident we offer the best business opportunity to make money in this industry that we will gladly provide you all of our competitors names upon request. I don't know of another turnkey design business opportunity in this industry that will do the same.

Call or email with any questions you have. We will provide you as much time as you need. The only dumb question is the one you don't ask. Take Advantage of This One In A Million Turnkey Business Opportunity and Call 610-659-9184 or email us at

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